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Knitting Pattern: Scrubby Stripes Washcloth

Updated: Jan 4

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When I recently learned about the Soap S.A.C.K mission, I knew I had to get involved. These are so fun to make and good for the soul, as an important way to give back to our community. I have a lot of cotton sitting in my stash, so this was the perfect time to get to work.

As a knitter, I struggled a bit to find patterns ... when I found a seed stitch pattern on Ravelry, I was off to the races.

I made about a dozen with this pattern but I wanted to play around with different stitches to create some variety for other knitters out there.

Most patterns are written as 6" across and 8" tall, but since this is a horizontal pattern, I flipped it. So you will cast on enough stitches for 8" across (to fold in half) and knit 6" from the cast on.

I'm a huge fan of mosaic knitting and love how a simple two-color repeat can create such an interesting design. I always seem to have that random 0.5 oz ball left after a dishcloth project ... so as a part of my destash mission, I wanted to use up every little bit. So, I put one of my favorite mosaic patterns to work, and viola, the scrubby stripes design. This is great for a washcloth or a soap sack for charity!

This is excellent for beginners or TV knitting. If you can knit a stitch you can make this!