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Who is the Chick Behind the Needles?

Hi!  I'm Shelby, a knitting addict, yarn collector, and pattern designer in the making

As a kid in elementary school, I wanted to knit like Nana … using a skein of blue acrylic yarn and a pair of her needles she helped me to start a scarf.  Needless to say, it sat in the closet halfway done for about a decade.  And, I’m not sure what shape that was, but it was definitely NOT a rectangle.  Ooops. 

After college, I found her needles again and started to dabble a little bit - thanks to YouTube.  I’ve had so much fun making accessories and baby gifts for my Etsy site for the past several years, that I figured I would take it up a notch.

Every time I’m browsing for yarn, I find a skein is going to be perfect for “something” and “some point.”  So this year, I’m challenging myself to stop buying more yarn to make that one specific pattern, and go shopping in my stash and let it serve as the inspiration for the project.  

So now I’m armed with heavens knows how many skeins and my stitch dictionaries, and I’m going to bust this stash one idea at a time! 

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